Don’t leave it too late ...

Liquidations are a specialised area that we have undertaken on a small scale in the past. However, through our affiliation with experienced Liquidator, Rod McKenzie, we saw the opportunity to put these skills to good use and have developed the insolvency side of the business. Rod has now retired, and is not accepting future appointments as Liquidator.

The business of operating as an insolvency practitioner will soon require licensing. To operate as an insolvency practitioner, a minimum number of hours are required. Insolvency engagements can be all consuming and we are pleased to work in this area, providing solutions and assistance. We have a number of insolvencies ongoing at any one time.

In the past we have focused on business growth, and continue to do so; but sometimes sadly a business project doesn't go as planned, so requires insolvency knowledge and assistance.

Many clients do not ask for advice; or when they do, it can often be too late. Therefore we saw an opportunity to provide an independent, professional and local service providing advice on business recovery, asset protection, business improvement, cash flow management and in some cases, liquidations and insolvency management, to best effect.

We are happy to assist, if you have any enquiries. ~ Brent & Hamish


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